MAD Squablz

Rap is something you do…Hip Hop is something you live. – KRS One

“MAD Squablz” was born in December of 1996 in Philadelphia, Pa. A very humble young artist when it comes to his talents. Mad Squablz preferred to play the background – never wanting to draw attention to himself. No one knew he had such a gift except him. It wasn’t until his Grandfather passed away from Cancer that Mad Squablz decided to let his parents know of this talent. After hearing him sing at the age of 9 the flood gates were opened. His love for singing birthed his passion for music production which eventually birthed his life’s passion for Hip Hop.

The 2016 Philly Hip Hop Lyricist of the Year “MAD Squablz” is in position to move mountains in 2017 as the new young fresh face of vintage Hip Hop. The 20 year old West Chester University student has been called, “a young lyrical genius” a “Hip Hop Savior” and “the kid who will make Hip Hop the genre of choice again”.

By the end of 2016, Squablz had viral videos on the internet exceeding 1 million views, he was one of TeamBackPack’s 2016 Mission Underground favorites and even tipped the scales with his EP “Art of BoomBap – Generation Next” coming in at TeamBackPack’s #7 Album of the Year. The miraculous thing about being #7, the Album was released on 12/20/16 – meaning it beat out thousands of other albums for the spot with only being released for 10 days. Squablz relationship with TeamBackPack catapulted last year when he entered their contest to find three 2016 Mission Underground Champions (a global Hip Hop show-of-talents that screened well over 6000+ hip hop contest entries from all over the world). By the end of the auditions, Squablz alongside two other underground artists beat out their competition and received the very prestigious 2016 underground award. Additionally, this experience included numerous invites to YouTube Space to record collaborative music videos projects.

“2016 Philadelphia Hip Hop Lyricist of the Year”

“2016 TeamBackPack Mission Underground Champion”

“2016 TeamBackPack #7 Album of the Year”

“Won his 1st Underground Music Award”

“3 Videos to go Viral on the Internet (1 million+ views)”

“Completed a Volunteer Mission to Standing Rock, South Dakota”

In 2017, we welcome a tightknit support team for Squablz – “TeamSquablz”. The team is made up of driven professionals who all share a common interest – using innovative and unique methods of global branding in full support of the advancement of a Mad Squablz epidemic. We continue to build out his calendar with countless stage performances, cyphers, tours, Barz n Carz, collaborations, engaging and maintaining strong relationships formed with industry pioneers. A plethora of accomplishments and a solid business foundation without direct major label support is an awesome feeling and a glowing snapshot of how AMAZING this 2017 journey is going to be Mad Squablz.

Mad Squablz has experienced many measurable accomplishments as an independent artist – through hard work, continuous efforts to practice what he rhymes about, constantly challenging himself to be better than HIS best – through his unwavering dedication to preserving the “Culture” of REAL Hip Hop!!